Scott (dad)

By: ourfamilyintuscany

Feb 23 2012

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I’m a hands-on guy.  I love to wrestle with the kids, work on cars, and I relish those moments in the Army and in my personal life when I can be outdoors enjoying fresh air in God’s awesome creation.

My Family background:  My Dad was a retired pastor and driving school instructor and my Mom has been a nurse for over 40 years. My parents are in their 70’s living in Bloomingdale, MI.   I would like you to know how adoption has played a role in my life. My parents were married and 1966 and wanted to have children right away.   After a few years of trying they decided on adoption.  Over the next 5 years they would adopt my two older brothers from the Country of Korea.  They are 5 and 7 years older then me.  Much to everyone’s surprise and delight my Mother became pregnant after 13 years of trying and I was born in the fall of 1978.  I can truly say that my life is better and my perspectives on everything are more diverse because I have had the chance to grow up with siblings that were racially different from me, but every bit my brothers because our parents insisted on treating us the same, with zero exceptions.



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