F.A.Q.’s (frequently asked questions)

By: ourfamilyintuscany

Feb 23 2012

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Q:  Describe the child you want to adopt

A:   We would like to adopt either a boy or a girl age 0 to 3. We are willing to adopt a child from any ethnic or racial background.  The child cannot have any developmental or physical disabilities.  We would consider siblings on a case by case basis if they were in the stated age range.

Q: How do you plan to communicate with me if I am in the states and you are in Italy?

A: We have a Vonage Internet phone that allows anyone to make a regular long distance calls and it rings at our house in Italy. (No crazy charges). We have Skype, email and Facebook accounts.

Q: Are you rich?

A: No, we are a family that only spends what we make.  The Army pays enough for Jennifer to stay home but we do not have much excess income.  We try to stay away from credit cards and save money whenever possible.   We have had to save in order to adopt. We consider ourselves financially stable and able to provide for another child.

Q:  What do you think about open adoption?

A: We would prefer a closed or semi-open adoption. Being a military family, visitation would not be realistic because we move every 3 to 5 years. Pictures over e-mail may be a possibility.

Q: Can the child keep my last name?

A: We desire to give the child our last name.

Q: Which of you will I interact with if I want to meet you face to face?

A: Both, Scott can come back to the states for short periods of time and Jennifer can stay longer if the need arises.

Q: What do expect from a birth mother/parents.

A:  Honesty.  Open communication.  No drugs or alcohol during the pregnancy.

Q: What will happen if Scott deploys again with the Army?

A: Life will continue on at the place we are stationed at.  Scott does a great job making sure the kids understand they are loved by leaving video recordings of him reading each of them books as well as a build-a-bear with his voice recorded in it to sleep with.  He also makes a point to call at least once a day.  Jen makes sure that Scott is in the loop so to speak with all the details of what each child is learning and growing.  Not to mention we send care packages to him every other week.

Q: Why should I choose you as adoptive parents?

A:  Your child will be part of a loving, established family.  They will have siblings to play with and parents who will provide long term stability.  They will never want for health care because the Army offers free comprehensive health care to all service members and dependents.   They will be raised in a home that values treating other with respect and dignity and seeks to love God and love others.   They will be raised in a home where Mom and Dad read to their kids on a daily basis.  You can bet with a Mom that is a teacher, learning will always be an important part of their life.  They will be part of a family that eats dinner together on a daily basis.  They will be part of a family that travels to far off places and considers moving an opportunity for adventure and strengthening of the family.


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